Not The Standout is a career-focused, membership-driven community for ambitious women of color.

Learn how to play the game in your professional career, sniff out the unspoken rules, and excel in your dream role.

The Problem

Women of color are #outhere doing amazing things and, unless you know where to look, you don't hear their stories.

Our Solution

Not The Standout is the place for women of color to learn, share, and support each other in their careers.

The main feature of Not The Standout is How She Did It, an audio podcast featuring women of color that explores their career paths. We are applying what Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie calls the danger of a single story to career growth:

What better way to challenge what you think is possible for yourself than hearing how other women did it?

If we “refuse to accept false limits” and “stop insisting on less, we can change the world.”  ~Seth Godin

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Darwin was wrong…

It’s not survival of the fittest, what he really meant was survival of the most adaptable. In society you’ve got the spoken rules and the unspoken rules. And the people who know how to sniff out the unspoken rules always get ahead faster. ~Olivia Fox Cabane